Quick Answer: How To Activate Tokens On Pearls Peril?

Does Pearl’s peril ever end?

The last chapter in the game is Chapter 90. However, this doesn’t mean you can no longer play! You can still compete with your friends for high scores in the Captain’s Challenge or repeat your favorite chapters to get the absolute maximum score you can! Not forgetting that you can still perfect your own unique island.

How do you get more compasses in Pearl’s peril?

You can collect compasses as rewards from playing hidden object scenes or by purchasing them for cash on the “Explore Region” requirement screen. Once you obtain these requirements, you will need to manually tap on the clouded area to unlock the land as it does not automatically occur.

How do you get cash in pearls peril?

There are several ways to attain cash:

  1. By completing the puzzle at the very end of each chapter.
  2. Making a purchase via online payment.
  3. Cash is often gifted to fans on the Pearl’s Peril Facebook fan page ( make sure to open the gift link on your desktop)
  4. By putting the pieces of Daily Puzzle together (occasionally)
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Why is Pearl’s peril not working?

If you are still having problems loading, you might need to allow Pearl’s Peril to accept 3rd party cookies in your browser settings. In content settings you can check your cookie permissions.

What happens when you finish Pearl’s peril?

When you reach the exciting conclusion to Pearl’s adventures, you will see a pop-up message. From this point on, you can replay all the scenes without having to worry about earning Prestige to move forward. Plus you will keep all your Cash, Coins, and Badges.

How do you add friends on pearls peril?

You will only see your Facebook friends in the game who currently play Pearl’s Peril, whereas before, your friends that were displayed were recommended by Facebook. This means there is, unfortunately, no way to invite new players to Pearl’s Peril.

What is the planner in pearls peril?

This is Pearl’s Planner. It lists down tasks for you to complete. Tasks could include playing specific levels, earning a number of badges, or constructing a number of decorations. Completing these tasks will reward you with coins, energy, Cash, and even upgrade materials.

Can you play Pearl’s peril without Facebook?

You do not have to play connected to Facebook unless you want to. If you want to do this, then please delete your Facebook App and Pearl’s Peril App. Reinstall both Apps, but do not connect them.

How do you unlock scenes in Pearl’s peril?

Scenes will unlock as you progress in the game. If a scene is locked it is because you don’t yet have enough prestige to open it. Decorating and beautifying your island will give you prestige and once you have enough, the next scene will unlock automatically.

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How many levels are in pearls perils?

Pearl’s Peril launches with 7 complete chapters, in which you meet +10 complex characters and accompany Pearl to four different continents across the globe to reveal important clues — and this is only the beginning!

What are keys for in Pearl’s peril?

For a limited time you can collect Keys and spend them in a new Hidden Object Scene of Pearl’s Peril while claiming rewards on your way to the big final prize!

How do I play Pearl’s peril?

You begin by playing the hidden object scenes. At the bottom of the screen you will see a list of items to find. When you spot an item, simply click or tap on it. Complete the list to finish the scene.

How do I get rid of Pearl’s peril on Facebook?

First: Go to facebook via a browser or on the Facebook Mobile App. Second: Open Settings. Fourth: Select ‘View and Edit’ under Pearl’s Peril and remove permission for friends list.

How do I contact Wooga?

Get quick, easy help from in-depth FAQ and our awesome support team. Select your game below or email us at [email protected] wooga.net.

How do I restore June’s journey?

If you would like to back up your progress in June’s Journey there are a number of options available. We recommend connecting your game to a Facebook account as this allows you to play while synced across platforms and devices if you wish. Progress will be restored simply by logging in with your Facebook account.

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