Quick Answer: How To Use Pearls In Game Of Sultans?

What do pearls do in game of Sultans?

Rewards. Using consort hall rewards you with companion pearls. You receive the pearls based on how long you are in the classroom, and you receive more pearls as a bonus if you are in the classroom of a member of your own union. These pearls can be used to improve companion skills.

How do you use elegance gems in the game of Sultans?

Tap the enable button -> on the next screen, you have three options: Painting Room, Imperial Academy Room, Music Hall. Tap the start button to create a room and set your Consort on learning. It lasts long for two hours and after it, you get elegance gems /pearls.

What do elegance gems in game of Sultans?

Star levels are increased using Elegance Gems (also called pearls by the community). Elegance Gems are gained through Companion Learning rooms (painting, reading, music) in the Companion Hall and are used to increase one skills star rating. Unlike XP, Elegance Gems are shared with all of your companions.

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Who is the best vizier in game of Sultans?

Davut works best when combined with one of the other Viziers on the list. Davut has a Military specialty and is linked to the Consort Clara, and has a base Military stat of 80, a Research stat of 20, a Political stat of 10, and a Prestige stat of 40. The high Military and Prestige stats make Davut an invaluable Vizier.

How do you marry in Sultans game?

Marrying your Heirs in Game of Sultans You can hit the Matchmake button in the Marriage menu and eventually you will find somebody to marry – but this takes time and many trials.

How do you cheat in Sultans?

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Can you play as a female in game of Sultans?

When we launched Game of Sultans in late 2018, we never imagined that the game would resonate with women as much as it did – and two years later, the player community continues to grow, with women at the forefront. Game of Sultans ‘ next major update, v2.

How do you increase intimacy in Sultans?

Getting Heirs In Game of Sultans

  1. You have to increase t⇒he intimacy level of a consort to get an heir.
  2. Go to the harem.
  3. Choose consort option.
  4. Tap on a married consort.
  5. Tap the visit button to increase the intimacy points.
  6. After a certain level/visit, the consort will give the birth to Heir.
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How do I get a shape changing stone on Game of sultans?

Simply tap the shape – change button in the Harem to meet the male Companions! All of them have unique background stories. If you like them, use a Shape – change Stone to keep them in your Harem. The Shape – change Stone is a rare and magic stone with the power of changing a Companion’s shape and gender.

What are the orange gems in game of Sultans?

What are the orange crystals for that you get from chests for completing..

  • Answers.
  • Guest Answered: Those are like the xp to fill the daily activity bar to get the treasure chests. 2 3 REPORT.

What are the levels in game of Sultans?

  • Baltac (Master Sultan III)
  • Alamus (Master Sultan IV)
  • Yusuf (Grand Sultan I)
  • Candar (Grand Sultan II)
  • Semi (Grand Sultan III)
  • Alihad (Grand Sultan IV)
  • Serdar (Royal Sultan I)
  • Tahrun (Royal Sultan II)

How does Masquerade work in game of Sultans?

By pressing the Masquerade button, a player will randomly visit one of the sections in the Masquerade area. Each encounter will result in meeting an NPC or consort and gaining resource rewards. The higher your Fortune, the more likely to encounter a consort.

Who is the most powerful vizier?

The most fittest vizier for a VIP0 player is Mesih (5* military and 5* prestige talents), because he not only has nice talents, but also because you get his consort not from Masquerade.

How do I make my vizier more powerful?

To upgrade, simply click the upgrade button at the bottom right part of the screen. You have the option to level-up a vizier by to 10 levels, if you have the resources to push through with an upgrade. Leveling up mainly consumes your gold resource.

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How much does VIP cost in game of Sultans?

Costs 49.99 USD and awards 4999 VIP points.

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