Quick Answer: How To Use Terp Pearls?

Why do my Terp pearls not spin?

Restriction seems to be the most common factor that affects the water pipe/quartz nail/carb cap functional relationship. Some restriction is necessary for the pearls to spin effortlessly. Any piece using 18mm Nail/downstem may also have difficulty as this size generally allows for more airflow.

Where do you put Terp pearls?

How Do You Use Terp /Dab Pearls? Easy! Just drop 1-3 inside an insert or straight onto the banger surface.

Can Terp Pearls melt?

Pop a pearl or two inside your banger and heat it up with a torch (note: some pearls can melt or can be thermal shocked – continue reading for more special care instructions). Once it cools to the ideal temperature all you have to do is take your dab as you normally would, using a carb cap with good airflow.

Do you need a spinner cap for Terp pearls?

If not what kind of carb cap will I need? In short yes you can, but the pearls or balls will not spin so well, but will move, and will hold more heat. If you want your terp pearls to really spin, you need a spinner cap.

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How do I get my Terp pearls to spin?

Use a Quartz Cyclone Carb Cap to get the Terp Pearls spinning round your banger even faster. Only certain carb caps can get the terp pearls spinning, so make sure you have a compatible carb cab (like our quartz cyclone cap) for proper function.

Are Terp pearls worth it?

The benefits of terp pearls may not seem super important at first glance, but low temperature dabs are so much better than high temp dabs. Low temp dabs preserve the delicious terpenes and really give a better dabbing experience. Once you taste a dab the right way, you will never go back.

Should you hold dabs in?

DON’T hold in your hit. Coughing is common and a quick breath out after inhaling can make the experience much smoother.

How do you smoke wax without a nail?


  1. Drop it in a bowl.
  2. Roll it in a joint.
  3. Load it into a vape pen.
  4. Use a healthstone.
  5. Use a bong as a dab rig.
  6. Hot knives.
  7. Cook it into edibles.

Can you put Terp pearls in a Puffco peak?

Mix and match multiple gems to build your own personalized vapor experience. 4mm terp pearls are the ideal size for your Puffco Peak, Dr. Dabber Switch, Source Nail, Focus Vape Carta, HVT Sequoia, D-Nail Halo, E-rig’s, Wax Pens, Quartz bangers, 20mm e-nails, Domeless Nails, etc.

How do you lower the temperature of a dab quartz banger?

Traditionally, low – temp dabs are achieved by pre-heating a nail and loading concentrates onto that nail. But instead, you can load concentrates onto a cold nail first and then slowly heat it.

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How do you clean cloudy quartz?

Follow these steps to clear the gunk:

  1. Soak banger in 99% ISO Alcohol and Salt.
  2. Rinse with warm water.
  3. Scrape off any residue with a dabber.
  4. Heat up the banger.
  5. Wipe bowl with alcohol soaked q-tip.
  6. Use the dry side of the Q-Tip to remove excess alcohol.
  7. Repeat until you can no longer remove any residue.

What are Ruby pearls?

These synthetic rubies are made from corundum (which is the same stuff you’ll see $400 ruby inserts made out of) and hold heat impeccably well compared to standard quartz pearls.

How does a dab nail work?

When the dab nail (so-called because it’s shaped something like a carpenter’s nail ) makes contact with an ignition source (typically a butane torch), it heats up. Then, when you dab your oil or wax onto the nail, it heats up too, soon to be transformed into delightful vapor for you to savor.

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