Readers ask: How To Say Tahitian Pearls?

How do you say Black Pearl in Tahitian?

Black pearl – Poerava (po-ay ra-vah)

How do you pronounce Tahitian words?

Some Common Helpful Terms

  1. Yes: E – pronounced ay, not as the English long vowel sound.
  2. No: Aita – pronounced eye-tah.
  3. Big: Nui – pronounced new-ee.
  4. Small: Iti – pronounced ee-tee.
  5. Look: A hi’o – pronounced ah-hee-oh.
  6. Come here: Haere mai – pronounced ha-ay-ray my.
  7. Let’s go: Haere tatou – pronounced ha-ay-ray tah-taw.
  8. What?

Are Tahitian pearls expensive?

Tahitian pearls were once the rarest, most valuable cultured pearls in the world. They are still much more valuable than freshwater and akoya pearls, but the farming enterprises are no longer relegated to small groups of atolls.

Is Tahitian hard to learn?

Tahitian is not an easy language to learn despite only 13 letters in the alphabet. The same word can be used in different contexts and mean something totally different. Many words are spelled the same with slight variations, but pronounced differently, thus a different meaning. Building sentences is also tricky.

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What is the best color for Tahitian pearls?

The most highly prized Tahitian pearls are those with iridescent peacock and cobalt blue colors. In addition to peacock pearls, rainbows, grays and golds are also incredibly popular. Tahitian Pearl Colors

  • Black-green.
  • Dark green.
  • Eggplant.
  • Blue.
  • Gray.
  • Parchment.
  • Lemon.
  • Golden orange.

How can you tell if a Tahitian pearl is real?

The Pearl Tooth Test Simply take the pearl, and gently rub it along the surface of your tooth. If the pearls are real, you’ll feel a grittiness similar to sandpaper. In other words, there will be a great deal of friction. If the pearls are fake, on the other hand, it will feel smooth as with plastic or glass.

How do you say beautiful in Tahitian?

It can also be helpful, but not mandatory, to brush up on a few basic French phrases as French and Tahitian are the official languages and both are commonly used. Here’s little lexicon of Tahitian words and expressions.

wife, woman Vahine
beautiful Nehenehe
big Nui
good, well Maita’i


How do you say my name in Tahitian?

A collection of useful phrases in Tahitian, a Polynesian language spoken mainly in French Polynesia. Useful phrases in Tahitian.

English te reo tahiti ( Tahitian )
What’s your name? O vai to oe i’oa?
My name is O to’u i’oa
Where are you from? Nohea mai oe?
I’m from No te mai vau I vau e faeia a


How do you say Girl in Tahitian?

The purpose of this list is to give a rough idea of the Tahitian language. The words listed below are not the most common words, but a broad sampling of words. See the Word Lists page for more details. Tahitian Word List.

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English Tahitian (reo tahiti )
short poto
narrow oaoa
thin rairai
woman vahine


What is the Tahitian language called?

Tahitian ( Tahitian: Reo Tahiti, part of Reo Māꞌohi, languages of French Polynesia) is a Polynesian language, spoken mainly on the Society Islands in French Polynesia. It belongs to the Eastern Polynesian group.

Where is the best place to buy Tahitian pearls?

Pearl shops such as Robert Wan, Tahia Collins or the Tahiti Pearl Market are all recommended places to begin the search for your own perfect Tahitian Pearl!

Which color Pearl is most expensive?

Which color pearl is the most valuable? The most valuable and expensive pearls on the market today are the South Sea pearls, which naturally occur in shades of white and gold.

Is Tahitian pearls the best?

Tahitian pearls come in a range of colors from white to black. They can contain various undertones and overtones of green, pink, blue, silver and yellow. The most valuable of these are of the darker variety, as the naturally dark tones of the Tahitian pearls is a unique quality among pearls.

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