Readers ask: How To Wear Extra Long Pearls?

What to wear with long pearls?

Dress Them Up White pearls are elegant; other colors will give your classic look a new twist. As long as the neck on the dress is high, you can wrap them so that there is a short strand around your neck while the rest of the length hangs down. You can also wear them with a strapless dress.

What do you wear with a long pearl necklace?

How To Wear A Long Pearl Necklace

  • Long And Loose. This is the easiest way of wearing such an exquisite piece of jewelry.
  • Double It Up. It is quite simple to double up with say your gold and pearl long necklace.
  • Go Triple.
  • Single Knot.
  • Double Knot.
  • Sexy Back.

How do you wear a long pearl necklace casually?

Definitely not a casual necklace! Try to match the necklace to the neckline of your top or dress. There are no strict rules on this, so just go with what looks good. For strapless or off-the-shoulder tops, long pearls that spill over them makes for a stylish, balanced look.

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How do you wear endless pearls?

How to Wear an Endless Pearl Rope Strand

  1. Double Strand Look – Simply twist the necklace into a double strand style.
  2. Three Strand Look – Add another twist to the pearl rope to turn it into a three-layer necklace.
  3. Four Strand Choker – One more twist and you’ll have a four-layer choker necklace out of your pearl rope.

Are pearls in style for 2020?

Pearls are going strong for Spring 2020. The classic material made appearances in just about every form—from single drop earrings to layered necklaces and even on headpieces at Khaite. Classic to baroque, what’s new about the pearl trend is the attitude and how you pair it.

How do you wear 100 inch pearls?

How to Wear 100 – inch Pearl Ropes

  1. Fold the rope in half and wrap the pearls around your neck two times.
  2. Cut a ribbon of your choice (about 12 inches ) and loop the ribbon as shown.
  3. Tie the ribbon into a bow.
  4. Move the bow toward the back of your neck.
  5. Tie a knot at the center.

How do you style a pearl pendant?

Your pearl pendant should be short, a princess necklace is best. Then, add a longer necklace like a matinee or opera length in the same metal as your pearl’s chain. The longest necklace can have a different pendant or a pearl too. For the middle layer, you can change the metal to add depth.

How do you wear opera length pearls?

Effortlessly stylish, the opera length can be worn in a few different ways – doubled up, knotted or twisted. You can also wear it hanging straight down for an elongated look. While traditionally worn with formal attire, a new trend is to pair the opera length with casual clothes for a crisp contrast.

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When should you not wear pearls?

Pearls can always be trusted to be proper, so they are allowed out at any time of day or night. It is diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds that have time restrictions. They should not show themselves in daylight, unless they are respectably set in engagement or wedding rings.

How can I wear a pearl necklace without looking old?

And then learn how to wear them without looking old -fashioned.

  1. Wear pearl earrings on their own.
  2. Choose long necklaces.
  3. Mix different types of pearls.
  4. Choose avant-garde design.
  5. Wear pearls with casual clothes.

Can pearls be worn with jeans?

You can absolutely pair your favorite, popular pair of jeans with a gorgeous set of pearls. You can even have a fabulous night out with casual clothes and your pearls. You should try wearing your black or darker skinny jeans with low heels, a loose silk top, cardigan or blazer, and a long, double strand of pearls.

How do you wear a rope pearl necklace?

The Pearl Rope You can wear it as a single necklace, double it up to make two strands, or even turn it into three short necklaces when you wrap it around your neck multiple times. Women sometimes twist a pearl rope around their wrists to make a layered bracelet.

How do you tie a long pearl necklace?

The Pretzel Knot

  1. Swing over neck so two strands hang on either side.
  2. Slip one loop through the other, alternating directions, and repeat three or four times.
  3. Bring one loop end through the middle of the necklace, then begin alternating loops again.
  4. Pull outside strands so they hang slightly longer and resemble a collar.
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How long is a rope of pearls?

A pearl rope is 36 inches or longer. This luxurious length can be both elegant and sexy. It can be made with several clasps, enabling it to be broken down into different necklace and bracelet combinations, or doubled and even tripled to create a stunning multi-strand pearl choker.

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