Where Are The Pearls That The Scavanger Hid In Dishonored?

Where is the drawbridge cell key dishonored?

The Drawbridge Cell Key is found outside the prisoners cell in the tower on Drawbridge Way. In the same area are: a copy of River Krust Reproduction, a health potion and a grenade. It opens the cell.

Where is Alec’s cell dishonored?

Alec is a bandit that you may have already heard about while eavesdropping on the conversation between two criminals, near Pratchett’s apartment. Alec is currently being held by guards in a holding cell located in the bunker at the other side of the drawbridge (the above screenshot).

How do you kill a river Krust?

To save ammo, Corvo can ” kill ” the river krusts by throwing carried objects like bottles directly to their insides once their shell is open. It is possible to stop time while the river krust is attacking, and slash it.

How do you abduct Sokolov in Dishonored?

Abducting Sokolov | Mission 4 – The Royal Physician Dishonored Guide. Remember that Sokolov cannot die or you will fail the entire mission. It’s best to wait until he stops somewhere for a longer period of time, sneak from behind, and choke him. If you are noticed, use sleeping bolts and don’t let Sokolov escape.

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Where is the Pier door key dishonored?

The Pier Door Key is found inside the guard post on Drawbridge Way. It opens the gate at the top of the stairs if you free, then follow the prisoner from the drawbridge tower.

Where are the pearls dishonored?

There are 5 of them in total. One on the marker, two on the bottom of the bridge, one on some rocks underneath the bridge and the last under the stairs up. You have to shoot them when they are open.

What is the code to Pratchett’s safe in Dishonored?

Dishonored Guide: Opening Pratchett’s Safe in Drawbridge Control in The Royal Physician Quest. There is an important update post about these combinations, you can find that article here. The code is 473.

What is the combination to the safe behind the painting in Dishonored?

If You Get The Key To The Art Dealer’s Home, You Are Greeted With A Safe, The Only Way Of Knowing The Combination (s), Is By Asking Him For It, The Combinations Are: 138, 656, 679, 696, 879.

How many missions are in Dishonored?

After a short introductory mission, there are nine main missions in the game, each of which can be accomplished using either lethal or non-lethal means.

Does killing Granny Rags count?

In order for Granny Rags to be killed or rendered unconscious, her cameo must be destroyed. Despite her powers, Granny Rags is classified as a civilian, and killing her will count as a civilian kill against Corvo’s chaos.

Does killing rats count as a kill in Dishonored?

A tweet from Arkane developer Harvey Smith confirmed that wolfhounds, rats, and river krusts do not count toward body total and therefore will not lock the achievement if killed. Killing or destroying other non-humans, such as fish, Blood Briars, gravehounds and Clockwork Soldiers will also not lock the achievement.

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What causes high chaos in Dishonored?

The Chaos factor is increased by the following activities: Killing assassination targets or other human beings – City Watch, civilians, weepers, nest keepers, or other. Getting spotted by an enemy or alarmed civilian. Letting alarms be rung or bodies be discovered.

Is Corvo Emily’s father?

Emily is the daughter of the late Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, who was assassinated at the start of Dishonored. She’s a key character in that first game. The hero of the story, bodyguard-turned-assassin Corvo Attano, also happens to be her father.

Can you kill Sokolov dishonored?

A portrait of Sokolov can be seen on the wall behind Kirin Jindosh in the Dishonored 2 reveal trailer. Sokolov can be killed at the begining of the mission Death to the Empress.

How do you interrogate Sokolov?

Exit the pub and walk into the building that has been inaccessible so far, in which Sokolov is being interrogated. After you reach there, listen to Sokolov’s conversation with Admiral Havelock. Seize the opportunity and explore the entire warehouse to find gold, two books and Sokolov’s health elixir.

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